Free Daycare for Single Mothers

We all know someone who has to work outside the home but can’t afford to take care of their kids. This article will show you a number of free daycare options for single mothers within your area, including government programs, charities and private organizations.

Free Daycare for Single Mothers

Affordable Daycare for Single Mothers

Single mothers in the United States often find themselves in a difficult position when it comes to finding affordable daycare for their children. Unfortunately, this can be especially true if the mother is working full-time and trying to also find time to take care of her children. Fortunately, there are a number of free or low-cost options available that can help single mothers keep their children safe and healthy while they are away from home.

The following are five free or low-cost daycare centers that may be able to provide suitable care for a single mother’s child.

  1. The Women’s Center of Worcester provides child care services for low-income women and their families. Services available include full-day care, part-day care, after-school programs, and weekend programs. Fees range from $10 per week for one child up to $40 per week for six children.
  2. The Neighborhood House offers affordable child care services to low-income families in the Providence area. Services available include full-day care, part-day care, after-school programs, and weekend programs. Fees range from $8 per hour for infants up to $15 per hour for older children.

Child Care Assistance for Single Mothers Free Day Care Near Me

Free daycare is a great way to get your children while you work. In many cases, this type of care is available for single mothers. Many daycares will also offer discounts to low-income families. If you are looking for quality child care without having to pay full price, look for a daycare that offers assistance to low-income families. You can also check with your local government or the welfare department to find out about subsidized child care programs in your area.

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Sources for Free or Low-Cost Daycarepe

There are a few government-run daycare centers that offer subsidized care to low-income families. Additionally, many churches and non-profit organizations offer their services at no cost or at a very low cost. When looking for free or low-cost daycare, be sure to ask around your community or online. There are many options out there!


Single mothers can often find it difficult to afford daycare for their children, and as a result, many end up leaving them in the care of family or friends while they are at work. However, there are a number of free daycares available that cater specifically to single mothers and their children. By choosing one of these daycares, you will not only be providing your child with quality care but also have the peace of mind knowing that they will be safe and well- taken care of.

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