About Us


Exodus 3 Ministries, Inc. is committed to providing holistic services that support the process of positive change, investing in the spiritual, physical, intellectual, and emotional well-being of women and families.


To cultivate a safe environment for women where healing and support are promoted and encouraged through relationships.


I believe Exodus House always loomed in my heart as a

place of rescue from the pain of the world…

Imagine being able to go home after the world has broken your heart and crushed your hopes. Imagine that this place called “home” is open to others who have also lost many of life’s battles, who understand your tiredness and your hurt.

For many years, I found my refuge from pain and abuse in alcohol and drugs. Looking back, I call this my time in “Egypt,” when I was in bondage; but I was always searching for freedom, not only for myself but for the captives who were enslaved with me.

I did not realize then that God knew my heart and loved me. I did not realize that as I cried out to Him, He heard me and had plans for my life.

I believe Exodus House always loomed in my heart as a place of rescue from the pain of the world. I named this home to remind me of my escape from the sorrow and captivity of my “Egypt” to solace and peace. God transformed my suffering into His good, making manifest a house on earth where women like me who desire to start their lives anew are welcomed.

Today, Exodus 3 Ministries helps women who are experiencing homelessness and hopelessness by offering them residence at Exodus House. We welcome a few women at a time to live in our home for a year or more, working with them one-on-one to help them find their way back to restoration and wholeness.

Our volunteers run everything from domestic violence support groups to life skills training to weekly Bible studies, teaching the women that they are Overcomers.

At the end of her time with us, each woman graduates from the house, returning to day-to-day life empowered and equipped with the tools to face the trials that may come—knowing that we are right beside her. We truly view our work together as a partnership for life.

As we at Exodus 3 Ministries move forward in establishing this vision of restoration, we hope you will be our partners, as well. Pray for us! Volunteer! Donate! Help us to continue the good work of changing our city for the better, one woman at a time.